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Happiness Spell Jar

Happiness Spell Jar

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Unlock the joy within with our Happiness Spell Jar. Carefully crafted with uplifting herbs, vibrant crystals, and heartfelt intention, this enchanting jar radiates positive energy. Embrace the magic of happiness as you invite laughter and joy into your life. Place this bewitching jar in your space, and let its mystical vibes elevate your spirits. Celebrate the everyday enchantments with the Happiness Spell Jar.

Ways for you to use the spell jar

    1. Connect with Intentions: Hold the spell jar in your hands and take a few deep breaths. Visualize your intentions and repeat positive affirmations in your mind.

    2. Place in Sacred Space: Choose a special place for your spell jar – it could be on your altar, bedside table, or any space where you'll see it daily. This signifies a dedicated spot for self-love energies to flourish.

    3. Daily Affirmations: Each day, take a moment to hold the jar, reflect on your journey, and speak affirmations aloud. Let the positive energy resonate within you.

    4. Recharge under Moonlight: For an extra boost, place the spell jar under the moonlight during a full moon. Allow it to absorb the lunar energies that enhance self-love and positive vibrations.

This jar is made to order, the glass bottle being charged with positive intent before being filled with the corresponding herbs and crystals. It is then sealed with candle wax of a corresponding color and stamped with a little moon design.

Due to it being made with glass, please be gentle with the jar & if you choose to carry it with you in your bag be sure to keep it cushioned and secure.

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