Welcome to SoftnScary, a little shop in this corner of the internet made to embrace all things cute and creepy! 

This is a small business which has been active primarily on etsy before opening up this official website in November 2021! At this point the shop over there has over 2k positive reviews, 99.9% of those being 5 Stars!

SoftnScary is ran by a sole creator with a passion for art, specifically the world of the weird and scary. My name is El and this shop started out as a little side gig and passion project, but has since transformed into my full time job and career! Thanks to all of my customers I was able to begin working my dream job, something which has been a blessing for me!!!

This shop is created to be a marketplace of handmade goods, I’m inspired most by the macabre, camp & all things retro! You can see a lot of an emphasis towards the “weird” aspects of fashion in my work (statement pieces are the best!!) I make sure to include a variety of jewelry though, you can find anything from dainty pieces to giant oversized ones! We embrace all aesthetic choices and identities around here!

Feel free to shop around & if you like what you see following us on instagram is a great way to keep up to date with what’s new and the best way to get a first look at all future collections!☻

A current mission I have with SoftnScary is to provide affordable and quality products to our customers while also working to do our part in helping out in the community! We’ve held a few fundraisers & donation months over the past few years, donating to a variety of organizations and grassroot foundations centered around causes that I and my customers believe in. Just a few of those organizations include the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, Trans Justice Funding, The AIDs Institute, Black Visions Collective, Trans Women of Color Collective, The Okra Project, Voices of Children and many more.

Here’s the face behind the business! Currently I run the whole ship- designer, customer service, social media, order fulfillments and more! Know when you’re messaging the shop you’re talking to me, I prefer to build genuine connections with my customers and have made so many in my time running SoftnScary! 

Running a small business has been a dream job of mine since I was a child, I used to have little “shops” set up in my living room and would spend all my time putting together drawings, jewelry and even clothing ideas for my little imaginary stores. In high school I fell in love with the world of fashion design and made a few attempts at starting my own business which would fall through each time. I spent a few years in the world of retail, an absolute nightmare for me- a neurodivergent individual who lives with PTSD. I eventually decided to focus my spare time on finally building a business at the start of 2020 right before the pandemic would leave me unemployed and with a newfound motivation to live out my dream. I have literally so many big plans for the future of this business and I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t have such a supportive community around me!

If you’d like to get to know me more you can find me at “finelgirl” on most social media!☻